About Us

Saol Um Soul comes from the Irish term "Saol um anam" which means to live life for your soul. This site was created by us, Gabi & Zoe, who have a passion for all things creative, from conception, and creation, all the way to promotion.

Our goal is to help you reach your creative ambitions and help find the audience that resonates with you so you can make a living from your art.

We believe in ethical marketing, which for us means that we want to help find an audience that will enjoy your products and creations. We are not interested nor do we condone "tricking" or "manipulating" people into buying things they don't need. The same goes for our own services. We offer free consultation calls for anyone interested, but we will never offer or push what we feel is not beneficial to you.

We offer quality, care, consideration and being a duo, offer the personal touch that only a small business can give.

About Gabi (they/them)

Gabi is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and polyglot with a background in production and marketing. They offer songwriting lessons, voice lessons, as well as support in content creation and marketing.

They worked for years in influencer marketing, notably with YouTubers all over the world to aid in the growth of their channels, by creating content with them, optimising SEO and online presence, and helping them grow and develop their YouTube success into various income streams. As well as YouTube, they also specialise in Instagram & Facebook marketing.

They then worked in Marketing and Tech with Shopify for a year to develop their expertise in the eCommerce sphere, specifically in the francophone market. Working with businesses and individuals mainly based in Europe, Canada and Africa allowed Gabi to develop and gain understanding of running a successful eStore, as well as supporting many small businesses at the beginning of the pandemic in shifting from brick and mortar stores to an online presence.

Currently, they have returned to university to study music and voice to fulfil their dreams, and are running Saol Um Soul on the side out of a calling and passion for helping other creatives.

About Zoe (she/they)

Zoe is an artist, graphic designer, writer and polyglot from Greece who moved to Ireland to study Digital Media. They currently work with various gaming studios in playtesting, translation, localisation, and as an artist.

She grew up working in her Dad's bookstore, which developed a love for entrepreneurship, as well as giving her the tools to run a brick and mortar store. Along with the bookshop, Zoe worked freelance doing subtitles and translation for many different Greek shows, movies, and books.

They moved to Ireland in 2018 to pursue their dream of working with video games, in animation, and making a living from their art and has fallen in love with the country since.

If you're looking for anything in graphic design, from logos, to short animations, to more in-depth assets for your videos and streams, or even custom art pieces for your business, Zoe is the one-stop shop for it all.

Together, we're a powerhouse in social media and business. Though we offer lessons in our personal talents, we believe that together we're the answer for your business needs whether that's getting started on twitch, running a print-on-demand business or upscaling your current venture.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services, and we'll get back to you very soon!

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